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How we work


Championing EdTech Startups to Improve Society 


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Core Values

1. Integrity

At our company, Integrity is the bedrock of our culture. It means upholding ethical behaviour, honesty, and high moral principles at every level of our organisation. Placing Integrity at the heart of our values reinforces a culture of trust and respect, essential for establishing our success and a strong reputation. Conducting our business in an honest and responsible manner builds trust with all stakeholders and sustains our competitiveness over time.

2. Coexistence

Coexistence, as a core value, represents our commitment to fostering an environment where team members of diverse backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives collaborate and grow together through mutual respect and cooperation. By prioritising Coexistence, we build a healthy and sustainable organisational culture that brings positive impacts to all stakeholders and the community.

3. Innovation

Innovation as our core value represents our persistent pursuit of continuous improvement, creative thinking, and the practical application of innovative methods or ideas. This commitment is not only fundamental to our ethos but also crucial for maintaining a leading position in the market, staying competitive, and driving sustainable growth. By embracing Innovation as a core value, we drive transformation and continually innovate to generate fresh value in the marketplace.

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