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Why we exist

Our Mission: Championing EdTech Startups to Improve Society 

This comes to life as we dedicate ourselves to bringing their innovative ideas to life and supporting their growth trajectory. By empowering EdTech startups, we align ourselves with the progress of this new era where technology continues to reshape our educational landscape. We hold a firm belief that EdTech, through the integration of technology and education, has the power to revolutionise the way we learn, elevate the quality of education, and bridge the educational gap, ensuring equal access for all. Our commitment is to advocate EdTech, amplifying the beneficial impact EdTech brings, fostering positive societal change and paving the way for a more enlightened, interconnected and progressive world.

To achieve our mission, we have outlined three key objectives:   

1. EdTech Accelerator

Over the next 10 years, we will accelerate 5,000 EdTech startups. We are committed to actively assisting them in identifying and advancing their natural capacities and unique abilities that are essential to their success.  

2. Accelerator Methodology

We will develop and evolve ‘Navigator’, our accelerator methodology derived from in-depth research and proven case studies. This step-by-step framework provides EdTech startups the guidance and tools to navigate their journey towards growth and success. 

3. EdTech Ecosystem

We will create an online platform where the various players of the EdTech Startup Industry can cooperate and collaborate – building an ecosystem that creates synergy among the players around the world. 

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