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What we do

1. Go-Together: EdTech Accelerator Programme

Go-Together is a comprehensive programme designed to empower startups to achieve their fullest potential and accelerate their beneficial impact on society. As a team, we work together with startups over the 24 weeks journey, consisting of a 4-week diagnosis phase and a 20-week acceleration phase. 

Our primary goal for this programme is to help startups derive their key objectives attainable within the acceleration phase – objectives that are tailored to their mission, business model and unique capabilities. With the support of the coaches and field-specific experts, we guide startups in a collaborative effort to achieve their objectives. In identifying these key objectives, we conduct a thorough analysis of each startup’s current standing to pinpoint and address the most pressing challenges. By focusing our efforts to tackle these challenges together, we help the startups to strengthen their core capabilities essential for their progress.  

Throughout the programme, startups receive 1:1 support from dedicated coaches, together with the guidance from experts and the useful resources to achieve their objectives.  
This programme is offered entirely free to the participating startups, aligning with our ethos. We do not require any fees or equity in return. 

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2. Navigator: An Accelerator Methodology  

Navigator is our accelerator methodology built upon an extensive research and real-life cases to provide startups the most effective coaching with a data-driven approach. At its core is the navigator taxonomy, which categorises the key competencies needed throughout the startup lifecycle into 3 themes – business, people, and others. Based on the taxonomy, the Navigator assesses where the startups currently stand in their growth trajectory and gathers the data surrounding the common challenges faced by startups, their approaches to these challenges, and how successful they were in overcoming them. 

Through consistent collection and analysis of data, the Navigator serves as an ever-evolving AI toolkit that provides the best solution for various challenges and creates a tailored blueprint for each startup to achieve their goals. It also leverages the collective wisdom gained from previous cohorts to support coaches and startups, preventing repetitive mistakes and guiding them along the most efficient paths, thereby enhancing the success rate of startup acceleration. 

As part of the Navigator suite, we plan to introduce Coaching and Meeting bots with a long-term goal to develop Problem Solution Fit (PSF) and Diagnosis bots. Through our toolkit that continuously evolves with each cohort, the Navigator empowers EdTech startups with essential guidance and tools for sustained growth and success. 

3. EdTech HUB: The EdTech Ecosystem

EdTech Hub is an online platform designed to unite the diverse players of the EdTech startup industry, facilitating collaboration and synergy on a global scale. Currently, it serves as a resourceful gateway to the latest news on market trends, pedagogical and technological advancements, and funding information. The platform also offers extensive reports, analyses and case studies, delivering deeper insights across different sectors. In addition to this, the platform features a global EdTech event calendar as well as access to a network of industry experts, laying the groundwork for a collaborative ecosystem by creating more communication and partnership opportunities among the players. 

As we advance, our ambition is to develop into a comprehensive hub that revolutionises the EdTech sector by fostering transparency and bolstering collaborations between innovators and investors. This vision aims to create a more efficient and open market that addresses the current challenges of funding disparity and partnership discovery.

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