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Discover together with us on our EdTech Accelerator.


Championing EdTech startups to improve society. 

Learning shapes everything about us. It affects how we think, what we achieve, and who we become.

Each of us learns differently, with a style and attitude that is uniquely us. 


But sometimes, education systems and training programs take a one-size-fits-all approach, that leaves learners feeling alone and unseen.

We believe that needs to change.

Picture a world where each of us could learn in the way that suits us best.

Where learning brings joy and inspiration, and everyone feels like they belong.


In this world, we all have the same chance to learn, and uncover our hidden potential. Our society becomes fairer, kinder, and more productive.  


That’s the world DOHE is working to create. 

To make it happen,

we’re bringing together EdTech startups and innovators who have bold ideas about how to make learning better.

And we’re empowering these people to make their ideas real, improving education for everyone - including those who've been left out or left behind.


Each of us has immense unknown potential. Together, let's build a future where we can all do something incredible.

We're an impact accelerator championing EdTech  startups.


We provide access to resources, coaching, and a strong network to accelerate EdTech startup growth and impact. Our focus is on fostering collaboration over competition to improve society. 


Together, we’re working towards a fairer, more compassionate and resourceful world, where everyone has access to better education and opportunities.

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