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Rules of Participation  


These rules apply to the participation in any DOHE’s Go-Together Programme, including all Programmes conducted by DOHE Global. The ‘Go-Together’ Programme is subject to regulation by these rules, along with any other pertinent policies that may be enforced as needed from time to time.



In order to participate in a ‘Go-Together’ Programme, it is necessary to meet certain eligibility criteria and fulfill the following requirements:  


  • DOHE programmes are intended for startups from the idea stage to series A (unless specified otherwise for the given cohort), startups they must have ideas and services in the EdTech sector to be part of the ‘Go-Together’ Programme. 


  • The lead entrant needs to be at least 18 on the application deadline and should have a good command of English.  


  • Startups should be available to join the Programme for 6 months from the respective cohort starting date at the designated coaching hours and other available sessions. 




Methods of Entry
To enter the ‘Go-Together’ Programme, an application must first be submitted by one member of a team using DOHE Europe’s website (  


No matter how you enter, you should agree to abide by these rules, other DOHE’s policies and our website terms and conditions before any entry will be considered complete. 


By submitting your information, you will also be acknowledging receipt of the DOHE Global Privacy Notice. Incomplete entries will not be considered by the evaluation committee. 





DOHE ‘Go-Together’ Programme helps startups grow and succeed. We identify high-potential and high-impact Startups through each programme and coaching process.

DOHE Global, ‘Go-Together’ Programme team will review entrant team submissions and make determinations on each entrant team’s potential for long-term success and impact based on the experience, the quality of the entrant team’s applications and the pre-set criteria for evaluation.  


All Participants will be screened for eligibility and be assessed by DOHE for the selection of 10 Startups for the ‘Go-Together’ Programme using the criteria such as vision, core values, social impact, market opportunity, scalability, business model, and team to name a few.  



These are the following phases you can expect to see when following a programme, which you can view on the website. 


The 10 selected startups are required to be available online for designated coaching sessions and other available sessions. The timing of the 1-1 sessions will be mutually agreed upon with the coaches, while any workshops or webinar sessions will be scheduled for all participants. 



By entering, any Programme and otherwise being a ‘Go-Together’ Programme Participant, you agree that DOHE Global shall be held harmless in the event of any legal action against you or your company, you will also agree to the following: 


  • Indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all claims, expenses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating to applicants’ participation in the ‘Go-Together’ Programme. 



DOHE Global does not assume responsibility for individual agreements made between participants or applicants of the ‘Go-Together’ Programme and any coaches, experts, or other third parties. Such agreements, which are outside the scope of the Programme, are solely the responsibility of the parties involved. 



You must not and agree not to use or share any confidential or proprietary information that belongs to any other person or entity. Likewise, any confidential or proprietary information shared among or between DOHE Global and ‘Go-Together’ Programme Participants during the Programme must be maintained by each ‘Go-Together’ Participant as confidential and proprietary. 


The ‘Go-Together’ Programme will not allow any intellectual property to be used without permission from the owner. You may not use trademarked content, copyrighted material or any other proprietary content without express authorization. 

By entering the ‘Go-Together’ Programme, you agree that we may use your name, image, and bio in association with our promotion of the company. By signing up for the ‘Go-Together’ Programme, participants are agreeing to release DOHE Europe, its affiliates and successors and assigns from all claims and causes of action arising out of the uses set forth in this paragraph. 

Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to share any recordings or materials from ‘Go-Together’ Programme or ‘Go-Together’ Programme Coaches without express permission from the DOHE Global and the person who presented it. 



Violation of these rules will result in the disqualification of an applicant or participant. Additionally, DOHE Global reserves the right to remove or disqualify any participant from their programmes, including all other programmes, at any time and for any reason. 


Furthermore, without limiting the aforementioned, any participant in the ‘Go-Together’ Programme found to engage in immoral, illicit, or illegal conduct, including actions that contravene these rules, such as lying, cheating, involvement in criminal activities (whether or not related to the Programme), or any activity that, in the sole discretion of the ‘Go-Together’ Programme, may have an adverse impact on the Programme, will be subject to disqualification. 



It’s important to note that DOHE Global reserves the right to make updates to these rules at any time, as outlined in the Programme Rules. Participants are responsible for ensuring compliance with any changes, and we will promptly notify you of any updates through our website or via email. Additional details and comprehensive information regarding the rules will be provided during the post-selection stage. 


We’re eagerly looking forward to your participation! However, in the event of any conflict between these rules and any other information found on the website, please be aware that these rules will always take precedence. 

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